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At iPacesetters we don’t try to be all things to all people, we are a sales company.

Time is important. Your time, your customers time and the time they spend interacting with your brand. Every minute should be one that reaffirms why they chose to contact you. Which is why we have made it our life’s work to become the smartest, fastest and friendliest contact center in the industry.

Your customers don’t care about Key Performance Indicators, Talk-Time or After Call Work, they want choices. iPacesetters understands this and looks to satisfy your customers desire to be treated well. Our client services team listens to your needs and to the data to quickly, yet carefully, craft campaigns that are relevant to generate sales from your target audience and maximize your revenue. Every agent is continually perfecting their skills and being trained to exceed your customers’ expectations.

With 1,600 employees serving customers through over 5 million interactions per year we are strategically deployed across the U.S., India, and the Dominican Republic. We can service any size campaign and we’re nimble enough to move quickly on urgent requests or last-minute changes to marketing goals.

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Executive Team

Tim Searcy
Chief Executive Officer
Tim Searcy brings 25 years of direct marketing and teleservices experience to iPacesetters where he is responsible for leading and growing the company. Tim also serves as a board member for PACE (formerly the American Teleservices Association, ATA)… read full bio

Contact Tim: tsearcy@ipacesetters.com

Bryant Richardson
Chief Operations Officer Bryant Richardson brings 24 years of contact center and multi-channel direct marketing experience to iPacesetters. With an extensive background in executive leadership of Operations, Information Technology, Client Services and… read full bio

Contact Bryant: brichardson@ipacesetters.com

Andrew J. Bosko
SVP, Commercial Growth Andrew J. (Andy) Bosko brings over 25 years of experience in successfully leading high-level sales, marketing and client services teams for fast-growing BPO companies. Andy leads the team responsible… read full bio

Contact Andy: abosko@ipacesetters.com

Jim Feratto
Chief Information Officer Prior to iPacesetters, Jim was the Chief Information Officer of ACCENT Marketing Services, LLC. Mr. Ferrato served as the Chief Information Officer and… read full bio

Contact Jim: jferatto@ipacesetters.com

Richard Sauter
Controller Richard has more than 25 years of experience as CFO/Controller in the healthcare, services and manufacturing industries. Mr. Sauter was previously…. read full bio

Contact Richard: rsauter@ipacesetters.com