Thanks to our amazing clients who have repeatedly chosen us over the years, Avantive Solutions has grown from a small, mom-and-pop specialty telemarketer with less than 100 seats in 1988 to the 1,600 seat business we are today.

Here’s a brief history of Avantive Solutions. We’ve loved every moment of it!

  • Avantive Solutions
    iPacesetters announces a rebranding initiative and relocation of its Tulsa headquarters. Read more here.
  • TCIM Services acquired
    iPacesetters expands its presence in telco, financial services and energy industries (ISO 9000 certified).
  • Telestar Marketing acquired
    Making iPacesetters a formidable competitor in the cable industry
  • Charlton Group acquired
    The Charlton Group is acquired for its strategic position in the cable industry which also is the first PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement) Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) certified contact center. Also, the company name was changed to iPacesetters.
  • IQR Resources acquired
    A thriving online directory research and development business acquired adding a leading-edge digital business unit to the company.
  • Quality Telemarketing acquired
    A call center with a strong publishing sector presence, is acquired resulting in iPacesetters becoming a major player in the publishing industry vertical
  • American Pacesetters acquired
    Kidd & Company acquire this company and make a massive investment to upgrade staff, technology and business processes.
  • iPacesetters was founded
    The company was founded as American Pacesetters in an Arizona living room