Audience and Data Products

Acquiring and retaining the right customers is critical to the success of our clients. We also understand that each campaign requires the right technology and data to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Our solutions cover a broad spectrum of publisher needs, which make it possible for our clients to attract new readers and capture more revenue opportunities.

Our four products include:

Audience & Subscription Management

  • qualification
  • renewal
  • reactivation

Lead Generation

  • reader service
  • lead capture
  • lead scoring

Online Directories

  • create
  • publish
  • monetize

Campaign Management Tools

  • campaign planning
  • execution
  • analysis

Audience & Subscription Management

iPacesetters Audience and Data Products

Now, more than ever, as a publisher you face the challenge of managing audience interactions across a myriad of channels – social media, email, websites, chat, SMS, telephone and more. Depending on who your audience is you will have to meet people where they are and know the correct practices for connecting with them through their preferred method of communication.

Avantive Solutions’ Audience Management product is a tool that makes managing feature-rich subscription fulfillment and marketing easier. Instead of trying to respond to your customers through fifteen different channels you can just use one.

What you’ll get:

  • Secure, reliable, full-function Web access
  • Ability to create title-specific Web environments for subscribers
  • Intelligent e-marketing tools for cross-sell/up-sell at every subscriber Web visit or phone call
  • Complete Web customer service and e-commerce capability including renewal, change of address, payment, or account inquiry
  • PCI-compliant for secure credit card transactions
  • Robust reporting capabilities

Lead Generation

iPacesetters Lead Generation

When you advertise it should produce leads. We’re not talking about a huge list of people who clicked on a shiny ad on Facebook, we mean real leads that convert to customers.

We know that media buying for print and web can be overwhelming, especially with all the choices out there. So we’ve kept it simple for you by closing the loop. We do a lot more than just capture leads, we turn them into actionable information you can actually measure and make decisions with.

Set up an inbound marketing machine that will build your list in no time. This web-only solution gives you:

  • A custom lead-capture web site hosted by Avantive Solutions
  • Inventory on reader service pages for premium ad space
  • Quickly convert leads to buyers without the expense of search advertising
  • Microsites to display video and additional content for targeted campaigns
  • High conversion rate to purchase
  • Website open to non-subscribers searches
  • Extensive reporting capabilities to track website performance

Online & Offline
Implement a cost-effective, easy-to-implement lead generation program for publishing. This print and web solution gives you:

  • Reader response management across multiple touchpoints:
    • Traditional business or courtesy reply cards
    • Websites
    • Online ads
    • Vanity Toll-free numbers
    • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Lead delivery in multiple file formats, including printed labels
  • Access to reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Rapid turnaround of leads from our Naples, FL processing center

Online Directories

iPacesetters Online Directories

There is yet another way that you can build a web presence that will help you monetize your data-intensive content. We have built a technology framework that allows us to create fully customizable online directories for your publishing business. You’ll be able to create, manage, and market interactive directories of information to acquire new subscribers and generate revenue from online advertising.

Build any type of directory, the simplest of Buyers’ Guides to even the most complex portal of proprietary data. Online directories give you:

  • A fully customizable online directory framework
  • Seamless integration with your existing web site
  • E-marketing and analytics tools to monitor and maximize performance
  • E-commerce for collection of subscription funds or payment for advertising
  • An experienced research team to compile and analyze directory data

Campaign Management Tools

iPacesetters Campaign Management Tools

There is only so much time in a day and so much money in your marketing budget. How can you make the best use of both without getting mediocre results? We have built a tool that responds to this challenge by enabling you, as a marketer, to do more with less.

This robust campaign management tool can handle your most challenging querying, segmenting, reporting and analytics tasks. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a database administrator or programming expert to quickly gather the insights you’re looking for. We combine powerful data visualization capabilities with stream-of-thought analysis to simplify campaign planning and execution. The Campaign Management Tool will give you:

  • Consolidation of multiple data sources for a single view of customers
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment – no additional on-premise hardware or software required
  • Modeling tools for performing predictive analytics
  • Battle-tested support staff to make sure you’re up in no time and handle everything else in between